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Pat & Colleen Tessaro
Welcomes You and your family to our farm

Hours of Operation

Fri. 6-9pm.
Sat. 2-9pm.
Sun. 12 noon- 6pm.

Our Farm

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We would like to thank all the dedicated customers that have come to the farm over the past 15 years of operating the haunted hay ride. We have entertained so many guests over the years and it has been a blast for our family. We have decided to go back to cash cropping and retire from the hay ride part of the farm. 
We would also like to thank all the friends, family and employees that have helped us do such a great job at entertaining our guests throughout the years. Without your help it would have been impossible for us to continue to entertain the guests that have come to the farm each year.
It has been a pleasure and a privilege to watch our young employees grow up through the years and head to college or university and start their own careers. It is always exciting for us to attend weddings of former employees. We always tried to maintain a family atmosphere for all our staff.
We would like to thank our dedicated school tour staff that helped to educate thousands of students coming to the farm each year. It was so rewarding to see such enthusiasm and dedication to our programs.
We would also like to thank Sharon and Leanne for their dedication to the farm. So many years together…We could not have done it without you both.
To our children Mathew, Daniel and Carly we thank you for all your help over the years. Your love and support enabled us to continue to build the farm to entertain our guests each year.


Pat and Colleen 









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